This Blog has Been Resurrected!

WNSC ResurrectionAfter an almost two year hiatus, the Wednesday Night Supper Club (WNSC) has been born again.  Our Founder and President called a meeting of the group, which included one new member and one member who is currently without portfolio.

Despite these setbacks, we were able to have a lively and decisive discussion on a range of issues.  There was, of course, considerable discussion about the need for by-laws, how to include new people into the group and how to go about selecting the next place.  Perhaps most importantly, the WNSC has taken a firm position and decided to recognize the Libyan National Council as the sole legitimate representative of Libya.  Congratulations to the people of Libya and keep up the good fight!

By now, you’ve probably had enough of the religious and political discussion and just want us to get on with the Fude analysis.  I will be pleased to do just that… in the very next post…


Resurrection image derived from Catholic Cuisine.


A Great Seal Has Arrived…

Or almost.

A draft version of the Great Seal has been distributed to the WNSC Executive for approval.  Since my official title is “Defender of the Constitution and Keeper of the Great Seal“, I thought it imperative to develop a Great Seal for me to keep.  In my humble opinion, I have worked hard at upholding the constitution, and now it only seems natural to add keeping of a great seal to my responsibilities.

Without further ado
I give to you
A seal for your aproo
… What say you?

A quick exposé:

The wheat laurel represents a sacred Manitoba crop;
The blue ring represents water, an homage to our fishing heritage;
The red background represents earth, an homage to our Aboriginal peoples and our farming communities;
The fork & knife represents a unique way of eating, coined in Québec; and
The buck is an important WNSC tradition.

WNSC seal_buck

Image generated courtesy of Official Seal Maker.

Defender of the Constitution and Keeper of the Great Seal

Reviews from the Fringe



The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is upon us, having just started today.  I strongly encourage everyone to get out there, take in a few plays and check out the activities at Old Market Square.  Watch this blog for reviews of Food from the Fringe.  If you’re interested in reviews of plays that I see, check out my friend’s blog where I’ll be posting those.

Your comments and suggestions for plays to see and food to eat are most welcome!


Review: Bonfire Bistro

Hard to go wrong with woodfired pizza.  And this restaurant delivered.  The ingredients were fresh and the pizzas were nice and light.  There was a good selection of pastas, too.  I never had the manicotti (pictured below), but the sauce seems a bit runny.  I’d personally stick with any of the many creative pizza selections (several pictured below).

The only downside to the place was the size.  The little bistro was quit busy, even on Wednesday, and finding space for larger groups would be a challenge.  But if there are four or fewer in your group, this is definitely a place worth checking out.





Passing the Buck

A new WNSC tradition has been formed!

During a rather lively discussion at a recent outing the subject veered to “passing the buck.”  One thing led to another and our President & Founder made the grand suggestion that our storied organization acquire a physical buck for members to pass.  This would be particularly apropos when it comes time to pay the bill.

Turning words into action, our organization now has a buck (pictured below).  The plan is to take the buck along with us at all our outings.  It has been suggested our Prompter of Memories be made responsible for reminding the buck’s owner to bring it along to each dinner.  We hope this will add to the enjoyability and mythology of the WNSC.

Now accepting name suggestions for the buck…



By the way, there is a debate raging whether this “low quality” photo is truly low quality or a high quality reproduction of a French romanticism period painting… Monet, anyone?

Have Any Good Ideas? Anyone?

Our venerable Prompter of Memories had the privilege of choosing our most recent WNSC outing.  Before he made his choice public, some of us wrote down predictions of where our next taste adventure would take us.  In no particular order, here’s our best guesses:

  • Don Pedro’s Mexican Grill
  • Salisbury House on the Bridge
  • Festival du Voyageur
  • Bistro Dansk
  • Whiskey Dix
  • Dandelion Eatery

All very good guesses… well most anyways.  Which one was correct?  Who won the prize?  No one!

Our Prompter of Memories outsmarted us all by selecting the one suggestion in our Suggestion BoxMerkato’s.

This means our suggestion box is now empty.  Please pay it a visit and help fill it up; feel free to submit multiple suggestions!

Oh and stay tuned for a review of Merkato’s.


Potential WNSC Ambassador

As mentioned in a previous post, our former Master of Ratings, Maria, decided to consider new responsibilities on the WNSC Executive.  Since that time, she has been a Minister without Portfoliowho faithfully attended and participated in WNSC activities.  But now she has devised a position that will be suitable to her talents and interests.  That position is Ambassador.

Since we still don’t have by-laws, there is no clear process for actually establishing this position.  So without a clear process at hand, we will do our best to muddle through.  Although it seems clear that, according to our constitution, our President will need to approve of the proposed duties.

The proposed duties of the position of Ambassador are as follows:

a.     To act as a representative for the WNSC.
b.    To support the activities of the association where and when needed.

To provide due time for discussion, a final decision on the creation of this new position will not be made until the following conditions have been met:

  1. A meeting of the WNSC has been convened and members present have had the opportunity to discuss the creation of the above-mentioned position and the duties associated with said position; and
  2. The President concurs with the duties ascribed to the position.

Comments on what has been proposed are most welcome.